002 - We're Kind of Bad At This


The group wakes to an orange sunrise filtering over the horizon.
As they have breakfast, they chat about where they came from. Goosifer slept on Sr. Bridie's lap all night. She asks Rafael how he came to be traveling with a goose. Rafael explains that growing up in Birmingmack he was pretty wild. When he left he stopped at a dojo, and raising Goosifer was part of his training, learning to be more disciplined.
Rafael asks Sr. Bridie where she learned that magic with the divine flame. She says she grew up on the Isle of Emer. The isle was under control of the Shashnac, which surrounded it. When they attacked the island and killed her family, an abbess of the Eternal Flame took her in.
Sr. Bridie asks Elysia how she learned to fight. Elysia says she grew up fighting, since she was four. Now that she is on her own she is looking for a purpose. She thinks helping us is a good start.
Sr Bridie mentions that she has taken a vow against killing. She will help in a fight when it's necessary but won't willingly deal a killing blow.

The Satyr

The group heads to the ruins. Along the way they feel the energy of Drayburn forest guides them towards tracks. A little further ahead, a bush is moving, and inside it someone is humming.
Rafael sneaks up with shortswords ready.
After a bit a face pops up from the bush. "Oh! hi! What are you doing here?"
Rafael: "Have you seen any purple goblins come this way?"
The creature says, "Ooh, Pinkleton sees all."
Rafael: "You didn't see me until just now, how can that be true?"
Pinkleton: "Purple goblins? Pinkleton knows, but he will not say. You must answer a riddle first. What is something that is yours, but your friends use it more?"
Rafael: "a name."
Pinkleton: "Yes! Introductions are in order." He walks out of the bush and it is clear that he is a satyr. Goosifer becomes agitated. "Who are you?" the satyr asks, pointing to Elysia.
Elysia: "I'm Elysia."
Pinkleton: "And what about you?" pointing to Sr. Bridie.
Sr. Bridie says, "Sister of the Eternal Flame"
Pinkleton: "And what about you?" pointing to Sr. Bridie.
Rafael says, โ€Rafael Ponticelloโ€
Pinkleton: "What are you called?" indicating Goosifer.
Goosifer says HONK HONK HONK in a warning tone. Rafael explains uselessly, "He's just honking."
Pinkleton: "Very well. Now, what grows when you feed it but not when you water it?"
Rafael: "Fire"
Pinkleton: "They come out at night without being called, and are lost in the day without bring stolen. What are they?"
Goosifer honks and Rafael translates, "He says it's stars."
Pinkleton dances away, singing to himself, "I know your naaaaames!" and the group loses sight of him in the foliage.
As they look for him, Goosifer notices an arc of mossy stars on the ground and points them out.
Rafael lights a torch and burns the stars.
As each star burns, there is a mechanical Click! As the fifth star burns, a stone entrance rises out of the ground.

The Ruins

Above the doors is an inscription in dwarvish.
The group decides to enter. Sister Bridie, holding her holy symbol, casts Light on herself and leads the way in.
Inside is a massive carved chamber. Ahead are two purple goblins carrying clubs. Beyond them is a door.
Sr. Bridie sees them and quickly extinguishes Light.
Rafael and Elysia confer for a moment, then sneak into the rafters overhead.
Elysia makes some noise on her way over and one goblin notices her.
Sr Bridie approaches and tries to bluff that she made the noise, but the goblin isn't having it.
She asks, have you heard of our savior the Eternal Flame? The goblin insist that she must leave.
One of them edges toward the door.
Sr. Bridie tries casts Burning Hands but the goblin dodges, then brandishes a sling.
Rafael asks from the rafters "Do you want to live?"

Goosifer sprints up and distracts the goblin, then Elysia slashes it.
Rafael finishes it off and the other goblin flees through a door into an adjacent room.
Elysia loots 7c and a club off the body, and everyone groups around the door.
Three goblins charge in and they roll initiative again.
One goblin charges in and just misses Elysia. She wounds it.
Sr. Bridie hits it with sacred flame. The fight quickly becomes a crowded melee near the entrance.
Two of the goblins are quickly dispatched. Elysia and Rafael get slashed, but not badly.
Sr. Bridie has to defend herself with sacred flame and it kills a goblin. She's horrified.
The last goblin, seeing this, takes a pot shot at her and then runs into the next room.
Rafael and Elysia loot the remains and find 4 and 3 coppers, respectively.

Entering the next room the group sees three goblins in a deep room with pews and columns. At the far end, behind a desk, is a hobgoblin. On the desk they can see the stolen mask.

Rafael kills the wounded goblin that was closest to the door with a shortsword. Another goblin shoots at him with a shortbow then hides behind a column.
As the group advances through the room, they get some shots in on the hobgoblin as the goblins attack and hide. The hobgoblin fires at them from behind the desk with his longbow.
Elysia decapitates one of the goblins and surges up to the desk area. Goosifer gets hit for the first time but gives as good as he gets.
Sr. Bridie, worries about the group's dwindling health, ends the fight by channeling divinity. The Eternal Flame scorches the hobgoblin and goblin with searing radiant light, killing both.
She is horrified and shaken.

While she recovers, Elysia and Rafael examine the desk's contents.
Next to the mask, among the things written in goblin there is a letter written in common.


Beneath these hallowed stones the echoes of the past linger. Those who seek must tread with reverence.

Letter on the hobgoblin's desk

Sludge and crew,

Your mission is to find and take back the Mask of Mischief from the green mischief mongers. This relic has been kept within our faction for generations, guarded and safe. With the evil that has been stirred up from the last Finmyre full moon eclipse, we cannot have it falling into the wrong hands. Zarn is strengthening and on the prowl and I believe ......... may have been turned. From my intelligence, Eltro is where to look. Once obtained, please bring it to me in Hollowrest.

Good luck and Goblin speed.

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