Over 800 years ago, a great pestilence swept through the world of Evermyre, decimating the populations. Societies and kingdoms crumbled and what were once thriving cities and towns were laid to ruin and began to be inhabited by unspeakable monsters who survived the pestilence.

The remaining survivors fled to settle in new regions and began to rebuild. Over the generations, most of the land was once again flowing with natural resources and magic of course still abounded. Villages grew into towns, which grew into cities. These cities began to establish their own new traditions and ways of life. The present generation only has vague, distant memories of the pestilence that once overran their realm.

It's summer of the year 882. The players (Aaron, Tegan, and Wazo) found their paths all leading in the same direction, and together they have begun to uncover a sinister threat to this regrowing world. A mysterious cult has been using mercenaries to pursue an ancient weapon which was used centuries ago to defeat a green dragon, then sundered and hidden.

Their journey started in a small town called Twipeaks...

Adventure Logs