Over four hundred years ago, the land called Evermyre was restored and saved from a sinister green dragon by a band of seemingly misfit heroes. Resulting from this triumph, the small towns, once ravaged by the dragon and his allies, have grown to cities and the populations have expanded.
Societies and new ways of living flourished as well, leading to a golden age of sorts, prosperous in many waysโ€”arts, magicks, economics, and politics. The residents of Evermyre renamed their land Finmyre, alluding to the finished, refined, and polished nature of this magical, auspicious era.
For 400 years, everything seemed tranquil, but recently, strange happenings have been popping up throughout the realm. What once was peaceful has given way to strife, conflict and sinister dealingsโ€ฆ
It's the winter of the year, 1288. The players find their paths intersecting in the town of Eltro, in the plains just north of the shores of Oro.

The adventurers are:

And the GM is Matt.

Adventure Logs