006 - Snakes on a Plain


Rafael buys studded leather armor for 45gp and sells his scale mail for 30 gp. He also buys travelers clothes for 2gp. No luck on unique arrow heads or a map.  In order to sell his stick dulcimer (lute), Rafael in a stunning performance of words and music, convinces the shopkeep to buy it for 30gp. He fills the room with an old bardic tale of the Evermyre green dragon, Vygo, who was defeated by a band of misfit adventurers long ago.  Goosifer buys an ordinary red ribbon (seemingly dyed by some red forest berries) for 1 cp. No luck on finding a bell, since metals are rarer out in Hollowrest.
Rafael also mails a letter for 1gp via carrier aarakocra.
Elysia looks for some history books on her tabaxi clan but doesn't find any.  (Tabaxi are rare throughout the woods here.)
Sr. Bridie refills her spell sundries for 3 cp and the shop owner throws in a small glowing fungus in a glass jar, since he sees her admiring it on his back shelves.
After stocking up supplies they head northward to Pedarox. Leaving the forest they see rolling meadow hills, backed by distant cloud-shrouded mountains. The fresh, open air smells like freedom.

The Plains

Following the road north across hilly meadows, they see to one side an ornate doorway, standing alone in the tall grass.
As they reach it, Elysia points out a ferocious storm coming down off the mountain, rolling across the hills. It looks very dangerous. She points it out.
Rafael knocks on the door. There is no response. He takes a closer look, and sees arcane runes inscribed around the door but can't make sense of them. He points them out to the group. Sr. Bridie recognizes a them as protection runes; a side effect is that the spell hides the whole building except for the door.
Sr. Bridie tries the knob, and notices it's unlocked. As the group pushes through, a plume of mist envelops them. The house is a witch's home, and its foggy interior is due to a bubbling cauldron.
Pacing in the middle of the room is an old-looking witch, muttering to herself, "What did I do with that potion? Think, Agatha, think! Oh! I have visitors!"


Rafael explains that they knocked to no response and were just looking for shelter from the storm. She says, "Oh, is it storming? Well that's all right then."
She explains that this area is called "the plains of anger" because of the storms. Her house is magically fortified against the weather.
Elysia, asks, "Who's angry?"
"I don't know, you should listen."
They do. The rain drums on the hut's roof with thumping intensity. Through the noise Sr. Bridie perceives hears a deep, low voice, enraged. It is echoing, "How could you have lost the mask?"
After a pause the woman says, "Well. I'm Agatha Weston." She looks inquisitively at Sr. Bridie.
"I'm Sr. Bridie." "I'm Elysia." "I'm Rafael, and this is Goosifer."
She smiles warmly. "Let me get you something to eat." She brings out bread with rhubarb jam.
Sr. Bridie says, "You were looking for something when we came in, an ingredient. Can I help find it?"
"I'm looking for my firesnake fang." The light indoors is dim but not dark.
Sr. Bridie finds it after a short search. "I found it, but it seems you're out." The jar is empty.
"Shame. I need it for the potion I'm making, It helps me sustain my life in my old age."
Sr. Bridie asks, "Is there a substitute?"
"Only... buffalo hooves... aged... by a lava pit."
"Ah. Well how does one get firesnake fangs?"
"They're all over the plain, you just have to light a fire. Back in my prime I used to harvest them myself."
Rafael volunteers them: "Once the storm passes we'll give it a shot. It's the least we can do to thank you for the shelter."
The storm dies down to nothing almost as soon as he finishes speaking. Agatha remarks, "Oh! Perfect timing."
Elysia asks "Do you have any tips for us? And how many of these do you need?"
"They like fire, and they hate cold. And I need at least two, but more is better. Oh, and just call me Aggie."
The group leaves the hut.


The ground is wet and the air is humid, but it's fresh after the storm. A short distance from the house, near the road, the group plants two torches in the ground and moves away. Sr. Bridie lights them with "burning hands".
After a moment, two large firesnakes move sinuously through the tall grass towards the torches, leaving a trail of steam and scorched grass.

  • Rafael shoots at the firesnake closer to the fire (snake 1), but misses. It turns and notices the group.
  • Sr. Bridie blesses herself and Goosifer.
  • Elysia dashes up to the other firesnake (snake 2) and surges, slashing at it. It evades her.
  • Goosifer bites snake 1, and is burned by its intense heat.
  • Rafael shoots at the snake 2, but crit misses and the arrow arcs off into the distance.
  • Sr. Bridie casts "sacred flame" on snake 1, and hits. Radiant energy crashes down on it and it seems effective
  • Snake 2 bites at Elysia, easily passing her defenses but not doing much damage. It also lashes out with its tail but she ducks under it.
  • Elysia slashes back a snake 2's tail but just misses.
  • Snake 1 bites at Goosifer, but he flaps around it. It whacks him hard with its tail.
  • Goosifer scares snake 1, flapping feriously and honking, then distracts it.
  • Rafael takes advantage of the distraction and nails snake 1 with an arrow, declaring it his foe.
  • Sr. Bridie nearly finishes off snake 1 with "sacred flame", then protects Goosifer with "shield of faith".
  • Snake 2 bites at Elysia but can't beat her armor. It lashes at her with its tail and connects.
  • Elysia hacks at it with her sword but doesn't do much damage. She is burned by the snake's heat.
  • Snake 1 dashes away. Goosifer tries to bite as it leaves but it's too quick.
  • Goosifer tries to scare snake 2 and fails, but still distracts it.
  • Rafael kills the fleeing snake 1 with a bullseye shot. He moves next to snake 2, switching to a shortsword.
  • Sr. Bridie uses "radiance of the dawn", and snake 2 is singed by holy light.
  • Snake 2 bites Rafael, misses, and then hits him with its tail. Rafael reacts with "absorb elements".
  • Elysia, thinking creatively, tries to burst her water skin agains the snake, but misses and dashes it to the ground instead.
  • Goosifer bites at the snake, doing some damage but again getting slightly burned in the process.
  • Rafael slashes twice at the snake leaving it nearly dead, but getting burned too.
  • Sr. Bridie uses radiant flame, but the firesnake dodges
  • It misses Rafael with a bite, then slams him with its burning hot tail.
  • The last snake dodges and weaves, and Elysia and Goosifer both miss before Rafael finds an opening and slices its throat, ending the fight.

Rafael extinguishes the torches and recovers one of his arrows. Elysia harvests the fangs, but one of the four is damaged in the process. Sr. Bridie discovers the bodies are too hot to drag, so they leave them in place and head back to the hut.

Aggie's Hospitality

Aggie is appreciative, and impressed with the quick work. She tosses all three fangs into the cauldron and as she recites a spell. The liquid turns purple, bubbling vigorously for a bit, and then calms.
She rummages around in a drawer and pulls out a shimmering cloak. "As a token of my gratitude, please take this. It's not for hiding, it's for protection. Your journey over this plain will be treacherous." Elysia and Rafael indicate that they want Sr. Bridie to have it, and she reluctantly accepts it.
She asks Aggie, "How did you deal with the snakes?"
Aggie answers, "I have many spells but I found that the ones that do cold damage were the most effective. Anyway thank you for the ingredients. It must be getting dark soon, you're welcome to stay here for the night if you want."
Elysia asks, "How should we bring you the rest of the snake? They were too hot for us to move."
"Oh I have my ways!" She holds up magically ice-encrusted hands with a smile.
Sr. Bridie and Elysia accompany her to the snakes. She is easily able to haul them with her back to the hut; she is stronger than she looks. As they walk she explains some uses of the parts of the snake. One time she levitated for 30 days using the stomach, and the scales are useful for protection from lava.

As the group relaxes for the evening, Aggie talks about the changes happening in Finmyre. Evil growing. She notes that there are less travelers lately between Pedarox and Hollowrest, and especially there are less people leaving Pedarox.

Elysia asks if she knows much about her people, the tabaxi.
Aggie says, "They are a proud people, with clans and rituals. There was a big group to the north, past Pedarox, but their numbers have been dwindling. I've heard rumors that they have been enslaved, possibly by king Varn. I'm not sure why."
After a moment she adds, "It's hard to not have family around, as I have lost mine over the years. But there is a fire inside of you. I know you can light your clan on fire again."

End of session
There is a long rest and the group is now level 4. Sr. Bridie attunes to her new Cloak of Protection.

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