029 - Heroes

Wazo storms out, saying, "Let's kill a fucking dragon!" She pulls out the golden compass, and it aims directly north.

A voice speaks in our mind, urging us north. "We have much to discuss."

Wazo gives Tegan the flametongue greatsword she gives Aaron the serpent tooth from that temple where he overcame his patron She puts the compass in both of our hands.

The villagers jeer and stare as we pass through the pulverized city. Cold wind whips around us, and the air hangs with a dense sulfuric mist. Vegetation fills the area. The magical mist seems to get to Aaron, and Wazo and Tegan use memories of our time together to bring him back from blank oblivious.

As they continue North, memories of their journey together pass through their minds, reminding them of their friendship and stories.

A small river ahead pools off of a raised arena, cascading off of the top where it pools under Vygo, a green dragon.

She speaks pridefully, gloating about her successful plans, and relishing the way her activities have hurt the party, specifically.


Wazo rushes towards Vygo Lair action: Vygo wafts mist towards Wazo, who just manages to shake it off Vygo flies to Wazo and bites her, then claws at her twice, hitting once. Tegan runs all-out to a short stone wall for half cover, then slashes Vygo with Spiritual Weapon Aaron walks closer, and casts Synaptic Static. Vygo resists but still takes psychic damage Wazo slashes hard into Vygo with Silverlight, which begins glowing red with power. She hits again, cutting deep. Lair action: a wall of thorns appears, 10 ft high, 60ft x 5ft, right on top of Tegan. He dodges the thorns as he is ejected from the wall. Vygo says, "Now your friends are out of the picture," and snaps at Wazo, who dodges. Then she slashes twice, hitting both times. Frightful presence, we all resist Tegan drags out the flame greatsword, and burns a passage through the thorn wall, which expands as it burns. Then he hits the dragon again with SW Aaron moves next to Tegan behind the half-cover and uses Faerie Fire, but Vygo shrugs it off Wazo attacks again, continuing to chop at Vygo Legendary: Vygo stomps and grasping vines erupt around Aaron and Tegan, restraining them Vygo flies over to them, perching on top of the wall. Wazo slashes her as she flies away. Vygo bites at Tegan, who retaliates with a level 5 hellish rebuke, which it legendary resists. Then tears into him with its claws twice. Tegan, trusting Aaron's assurance that he can free them both, casts Spirit Guardians and moves the SW closer Legendary, tail swipe at Tegan. He reacts with Shield Aaron uses Dimension Door to move himself and Tegan out of the bramble. Wazo flies near Vygo, staying airborne to keep from getting entangled. She slashes twice at her head with Silverlight, and with each hit it glows a little brighter. Legendary, Vygo slams Wazo with her wings, knocking her to the ground Lair action: Vygo beats her wings, pushing hypnotic mist at Aaron, but he resists. Vygo towers over Wazo, unleashing poison breath in a cone, hitting everyone. Tegan tries to hit Vygo with chill touch, then moves the spiritual weapon between him and the dragon. Legendary, tail attack at Wazo who is still prone, hitting hard. Aaron tries to polymorph Tegan, but the ancient temple ruins all around prevent the spell from succeeding. He moves to a better position. Wazo stands up, driving the sword into Vygo from below. When she pulls it free, it is radiant, pulsing with power. Lair action, Aaron resists the charming mist Vygo's poison breath knocks Tegan unconscious and badly hurts Wazo. Tegan gets a lucky death save and regains consciousness with 1hp Aaron slams Vygo with three EBs, leaving her seriously hurt. Wazo swings the glowing blade wide, then slashes open the dragon in a blaze of fury. We see Wazo's life force channel into the blade, glowing brightly with her rage. From the dragon's wounded belly pours gray, dead substance.

Tegan and Aaron can't heal Wazo. She gave her whole life force to kill the monster. They decide to carry her back to her family. As they leave the

we remember moments with Wazo as we carry her the drinking contest at faerie harvest festival the cursed feather, and the memory it cost her

grateful villagers are free from the dragon happy, free

her family asks, what happened? they explain, she killed the dragon, and used her whole life to make it stick They nod, "that sounds just like her" they take her to a huddle, and speak and sing in their bird language

Tegan wants to go back to where he found the locket He doesn't find anything, but he feels Sophinia's presence. She says, "Thank you. I love you." They share the memory of an embrace.

Aaron hears a Sending from Zelle, who says she has learned a lot of magic, and he should come back to the farm. He plans on renaming the farm in honor of Wazo

Wazo finds herself in a field. The Raven Queen offers her hand. Come my child. You've come a long way, and you've earned a reprieve. She sees under the hood her husband's eyes. They walk together into the field of red flowers, and the sunset.


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