🔮 Items

GoodbaneWeaponUncommonOrnate +1 dagger which does an extra 1 damage to good-aligned creatures
Cloak of ProtectionWondrous ItemUncommonA shimmery protective cloak sized for a halfling.
Bracers of DefenseArmorRareBracers that bestow the user +1 AC
Bag of HoldingWondrous itemUncommonMagic bag that can hold a lot without getting heavier. Bigger on the inside.
Heart's fruit winePotionUncommonMagical wine that heightens one's emotions
Potion of Water BreathingPotion, minorUncommonLets you breathe underwater for a while.
Orb of IdentificationWondrous ItemUncommonOrb that identifies the nearest magic item (itself)
Golden CompassWondrous ItemUnknownA magic compass that points "where you need to go"
Wind FanWondrous ItemUncommonCasts gust of wind one or more times a day
Silverlight, Promise of EvermyreWeaponLegendarySword
DriftglobeWondrous ItemUncommonThick glass sphere which can cast Light or Daylight once per day