028 - Silverlight Restored

The party got back to Troglen's house.

waking up in his small flat, we hear a gently hissing teakettle wazo finds a note on the ice chest tegan reads Troglen has left us a meal and is at the forge. thinks the silverlight should be ready shortly they eat breakfast and tea

they make their way to the forge Troglen is polishing the glowing silver blade we feel the aura of magic emanating from Silverlight

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. When you hit a dragon with this weapon, the dragon takes an extra 3d6 damage. For the purpose of this weapon, "dragon" refers to any creature with the dragon type, including dragon turtles and wyverns.

the blade will glow when near (within 200ft) any draconic entity - dragon, wyvern, etc

Troglen explains how he its forging makes it especially effective against dragons

he gives Aaron the stone EE and DG rumored traveling to the wastelands of mor'deni after aaron's orchard burned and there was a bad crop of heartfruit

Tegan remembers that mor'deni is where sophinia said she was sacrificed.

one last thing: the sword is rumored that the sword has more powers, unimaginable powers when used in the right hands. when it was last used, it was so powerful it not only destroyed the dragon, it broke itself in two. the silverlight has given the dwarven people hope for generations.

tegan collects the breastplate and gives the studded leather to Aaron. They head towards mor'deni.

there is eerie silence as they travel, and signs of life diminish to nothing. as they continue, the air becomes gradually foggier. as they climb, they enter a tight turnback, with sheer walls around the path. Wazo scouts ahead but can't see any threats, although she does sense danger.

When she lands, an assassin who was waiting under a cloak of invisibility stabs her with a poisoned shortsword.

Wazo, ever alert, spins and slashes across him with the silverlight


  • tegan steps up to the assassin. misses a slash at his back with spiritual weapon, then nailing him hard with gfb critting.
  • the assassin disengages, then runs up the hill
  • wazo runs after him, slashing him twice with silverlight. he dies in two halves
  • Aaron asks his squirrel Squeak if he can smell anyone else. Squeak says there are two up on the hill
  • The archers both target Wazo. The first hits her twice, and the second hits once. She's badly hurt.
  • Tegan moves the spiritual weapon up the incline and twins a chill touch. one hits.
  • Wazo flies up to the second archer and cuts him up with silverlight. They survive.
  • Aaron uses chill touch on the archer further from Wazo, but it resists
  • The archer near Wazo gets out a shortsword, and slashes her a couple times. Through her rage, she stays standing
  • The other archer hits her with one arrow but misses on a second.
  • Tegan swings at one of the archers spiritual weapon, missing. He moves closer to Wazo and uses Mold Earth to give her cover from one of the archers.
  • Wazo shoves her archer into the hole, then slashes down at him with silverlight. She moves away from the hole, dodging his AOO.
  • Aaron polymorphs Wazo into a T-Rex. She lets out a vicious roar.
  • The archer near her climbs out of the hole and edges away. Wazo reflexively chomps him in half.
  • The remaining archer shoots at Tegan, who reflexively casts Shield. He realizes he is outmatched and flees the field.
  • Tegan moves the SW closer to the fleeing attacker, then hits him with a Chill Touch.
  • Wazo hustles over to him and grabs him violently in her mouth.
  • As she throws the bandit up in the air for a better bite, Aaron slams him dead with three eldritch blasts, exploding him like a clay shooting target.

The group takes a tense short rest while Wazo heals.

They continue up the mountain. Soon, they see a destroyed city. The townsfolk mill around as if things were normal. Tegan studies the destroyed buildings, which look as if they have been under seige. The people seem healthy and clean.

Aaron sees that the air is charged with magic, but the fog seems mundane.

As the group walks down the ruined streets, Tegan recognizes a half-elf, with familiar features. It's Vylona.

Tegan calls out her name. "It's me, Tegan!" She doesn't remember him. "Who are you? How do you know my name?" he shows her an illusory image of the family she snaps out of her trance and greets him explains the dragon's lair is under the city it's had the city under its influence Vylona mentions that there are some of Wazo's people here too. Wazo gets close to her, asking, "Where?" V points to a shack and Wazo sprints to the door. It hangs loosely from the frame. She stares at it blankly. She hears behind her the voice of the Raven Queen, "Go forward my child." Wazo says repeatedly, "they were dead. they died. They were dead" With a nudge of wind from behind, she steps inside. She recognizes two of her sons, Pouli and Korax. "Didn't I teach you fools to never leave your backs unguarded?" Hearing the familiar voice and phrase, they wake from their trance. "Mom??" They run and embrace her. After a long moment, "What are you doing here?" "I came to kill that c*** dragon, obviously. How about you two?" "We fell under the dragon's spell. It has powers we'd never seen before." They hug for a few minutes. "Mom. We know you're strong, you're a fighter, but you can't do this alone." "Nah, I got these two magic users. It's cool. I'm not putting your lives in danger, now that you're alive again. Meet some cute chicks, make me a grandmother again." "Mom, we really missed you." More hugs. "Mom. As much as we would love to stay and catch up, I think you have to leave." Wazo gives them a pile of her shinies; gems, silver plates and cups from the Steadmount house, etc. Then she storms out of the house, "Let's kill a fucking dragon!"

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