Baldir's Journal

Three passages stand out:

I don’t understand how they found me. I thought I covered my tracks... I must leave at once. Those bloody mercenaries are after me. I just don’t understand how they did it. I must have underestimated their scope and influence. The rumors are true, I must make haste and protect what I’m sworn to protect.

This is such a quaint town, with such simple folk. It’s perfect. No one would suspect anything from that old rundown windmill. It’s the perfect place to hide the Halfgray’s treasure. From what I’ve gleaned from the townsfolk, no one has a clue and we will keep it that way. I must uphold my oath to my father and preserve the ancient texts. One day, my son will know and understand them. He will carry on our family’s legacy; I must convince him.

(Hastily and unsteadily written)
I’m afraid my time is coming near. I don’t have much time. I feel them lurking in the shadows, waiting for me to make a misstep. I can’t do this anymore. I know the treasure is safe. I have completed half of the mission, the other half unfortunately is in Ghorhant. Once my will is sent to him, once I am finally no longer on this plane, he will concede to the family’s legacy, the burden and the joy we bear. My time has come, I will finally see my forever love again.
Gitelyn , I will find you on the next-