Faeries Harvest Festival

Two-day long, colorful, summer celebration in Feldmar.

The first day consists of competitions, food, and revelry in the town square. There are prizes, performances and general merriment. Anyone from near and far is welcome.

At dusk on the second day of the festival, faeries of the forest come out of a cave which is believed to be connected to the Feywild plane. They magically pollinate the one and only Faerie fruit tree, a four-story high tree outside of Feldmar. The residents of Feldmar hold up colorful candles and flowers to attract them to this magical tree. Once pollinated, the blossoms magically grow into a butterfly looking fruit which is only good for one night. When the fruit is eaten, the consumer gets to see an image of someone they lost for a short amount of time. (learned from the The Spirit's Rise in 004 - Festival, day one)

The candles and flowers aren't important; the faeries pollinate the flowers on their own. If the fruit is large enough, it is possible to have a brief conversation with the person. The connection to the Feywild is believed to sustain the tree's magic. A Feldmar druid named Soliana knows more about the tree. (learned from the tug-of-war winners in 004 - Festival, day one)

In year 882, Soliana was caught capturing the faeries on the second night of the festival, when they emerged from the feywild to pollinate the tree. She was killed in a confrontation. (005 - Festival, day two)