The Tale of the Green Dragon

A song tells about a long-long-ago green dragon that terrorized some dwarves, who made a special weapon to drive it off.


O'er the land, a terror grew
In the sky, on green wings,
it flew,
Never anything seen before,
A great and deadly threat too
It rained fire and malice
Enough to melt a chalice
The land lay in desolate ruin,
Death arrived to all, callous
Many tried a dragon defeat,
But it posed a major feat,
Talons of metal and breath of fire,
All knights who tried, death did meet
The dwarves were driven down
Under the mountain, their town.
They invented and devised
A weapon under their crown.
The slayer of the green rage,
A tool of power from a great sage.
Built it in parts, to ensure a win,
Blessed with arcane from a mage.
The dragon fell to its power,
Crumbled and injured, turned sour
It hid in the mountains of old,
To lick its wounds and cower.
And that is the Green Dragon's tale,
Death and destructions trail.
May the terror be banished.
And never again to avail

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