024 - Finding Thomnor

long rest in the base of the underwater structure is uninterrupted decide to explore upstairs room opens up, second level is the whole floor center has two unfamiliar hide rugs shimmering blue pool, with ghostly figures floating smoothly through the water Aaron says it's conjuration magic Wazo wants to just move on, but Aaron is curious about the rugs in the center of the room. He tries to lift the corner with mage hand, but can't really shift it. There seems to be something underneath it. Aaron and Tegan quickly flip the rug over, and can more clearly see a concealed door in the floor. It's still partially covered by the larger rug. Tegan pokes at the rug, and it seems inert. He and Aaron try to move it, but it's too heavy. With Wazo's help, they move the rug. A handle is embedded in the floor, and as Wazo lifts it she sees a glowing red switch, which she presses. A faint green force field appears, covering the pond. On the way up the stairs, Wazo notices that a loose stair has been reinforced by the force field. next floor arcane workbench arcane sigil, connects by a thin red line to a blue orb Tegan investigates the fire pit in the center of the room. Its coals are cold. Aaron inspects the workbench. Its tools and contents suggest that it's used for arcane magic. After a moment, two watery imps are summoned from the sigil. One moves toward Aaron, the other toward Tegan. Initiative!

  • Wazo rages! She moves to Aaron, and impales the imp with her rapier, blazing with holy light.
  • That imp flaps its wings, and thick vaporous fog fills the air around it.

The blue orb sparks from within the fog, and another imp pops into

  • Tegan misses with Spiritual Weapon, then hits with GFB
  • Aaron moves out of the fog, then casts Evard's Black Tentacles over the altar. The two imps there are restrained by the tentacles, which crush and bruise them.
  • Wazo moves clear of the fog, heading towards the fire pit. She slashes through the imp that was attacking Tegan, killing it. It bursts in a tsunami of water, and the force of the burst injures her and Tegan. Wazo flaps her wings, clearing the fog.
  • Revealed suddenly, an injured mephit is touching the blue orb. It cackles, then summons two more imps... which are instantly restrained by the black tentacles. One imp frees itself.
  • Tegan swings with SW, then GFB the imp near him. It explodes weakly, and the burst of water stings Tegan.
  • Aaron blasts the imp by the orb, and as it dies, Wazo is again drenched with stinging cold water.
  • One of the summoned imps suddenly pops as the tentacles crush it. Another one tries to struggle free, but can't manage.
  • Wazo tries to snatch the crystal, but it shocks her wet feathers with lightning.
  • One of the trapped imps explodes, killing the other one.
  • Tegan scratches through some of the sigils, but the orb still pulses with energy.
  • Aaron slams the orb with eldritch blasts, knocking it to the floor.

Prayer of healing

Ascending the stairs to the fourth floor, the group sees venus fly trap alchemy supplies herbology workspace Tegan hears a low growling from the upper right corner. He starts climbing the stairs, "I hear some kind of growling. Let's just move on." As he climbs, there is a giant human covered in fish scales. It growls ferociously, and drips with water or some fluid. It swipes at Tegan twice, missing once, but then hitting. Tegan reacts with Hellish Rebuke. Initiative!

  • Aaron hits the (water yeti?) with Frostbite. The cold attack seems very effective.
  • The monster slashes again at Tegan, who reacts with Shield
  • Tegan summons Spirit Guardians, which swarm the yeti furiously.
  • Wazo misses the yeti twice, deterred by its natural armor.
  • Aaron tries Frostbite again, but doesn't connect.
  • The monster turns to Wazo, slashing into her, then its eyes glow with icy energy, but she's unaffected
  • Tegan hits it with Toll the Dead
  • Wazo slashes, then stabs, but its hide deflects her blade again.
  • Aaron channels eldritch energy, and one of the bolts connects strongly.
  • The monster, injured again by spirit guardians, swings twice at Tegan.
  • Tegan, injured, bends down and hacks at its head from his perch on the stairs. GFB burns its head as he stabs.
  • Wazo impales the monster, then slashes again. It is just barely alive.
  • Aaron explodes it with an EB

Aaron heals Tegan, then the group takes an hour's rest.

After that, they look around the room. Wazo notices some poisonous plants. She decides to harvest them to make poison to apply to her blade. Then she leads the way up the stairs.

The next level is a library. As the group steps off of the stairs, they vanish, and sconces along the wall flame to life.

The eerie silence is interrupted by a thud, something falling on the floor above.

Tegan checks out the shelves, the sconces, and then carefully makes his way to some scrolls he sees on a cart. Wazo flies around inspecting the ceiling. She finds a trapdoor above the chair, with some kind of writing. Aaron looks at it, and reads: Say my name, and I am no more. Figure me out and create me and I will open.

Aaron thinks it might be "Silence". Tegan investigates the scrolls, and they seem to be used-up magic scrolls, formerly one use. None seem useful. Aaron's cart of books is much the same.

Wazo suggests the group just be quiet, and after standing silently for a bit, a ladder descends as the trap door opens.

on the next level, the group encounters a powerful halfgray dwarf mage. they manage to persuade him that they aren't affiliated with the emerald enlightenment. after they convince him, talk about the past

Thomnor Earthdelver. took up the protection after the halfgrays died out he only has one part, but is willing to send it with us forge underneath liegard can join the parts he brings out a long case, with a glass top. inside it is a blade, with no hilt or handle. it is inscribed with dragon images, which shimmer with iridescence.

they reveal that they have also collected the hilt of the sword. he is amazed and delighted.

he gives them additional treasures ioun stone of fortitude perfume of bewitching potion of greater healing and he enchants Wazo's rapier to be a +1 rapier wishes he had more to give

group is able to get back to the inn without issues

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