025 - Confronting Kynthia

awake, rested head downstairs, met by Ferd "Good morning, my guests! mountain blueberries, made food, wants introductions cheerful, a great host, loves the company tegan swaps recipes with Ferd chaotic noise outside crashing of water kynthia, outside, smacking thomnor up and down into the ground "You fool, Thomnor! You think you can hide your piece of the Silverlight from me? my master is waiting."

initiative when she sees the group

  • kynthia casts a spell and a water elemental and a serpentine water weird emerge from the lake
  • tegan: hypnotic pattern. gets the water weird
  • wazo rages, and flies over the elemental to get closer to kynthia. she gets grappled in its OA
  • elemental crushes Wazo, doing damage
  • aaron polymorphs Wazo into a shark!
  • kynthia, furious that tegan interfered, casts Ice Storm around Tegan and Aaron. The shards of ice crashing down hurt them, and the ground is slick and icy
  • tegan maneuvers off the ice, using spiritual weapon and chill touch on the elemental
  • wazo moves away from the elemental, taking a beefy slap from its arm as she leaves. she flies over to Kynthia, stabbing at her with her rapier. Kynthia reacts with Shield, deflecting both attacks
  • elemental moves to Tegan and slams him twice. The second hit connects, disrupting his concentration. Tegan reacts with hellish rebuke.
  • Aaron polymorphs himself into a black dragon wyrmling, then breathes acid on the water elemental
  • kynthia misty steps 30 ft behind wazo, then casts fireball, targeting Tegan and Aaron
  • Tegan polymorphs into a young white dragon, then uses cold breath on the water elemental. it is obliterated. he flies over to kynthia, landing in her face. The spiritual weapon follows slowly.
  • Wazo swings at the water weird, missing. her second attack is with the poisoned blade, which connects but doesn't seem very effective
  • the water weird constricts around wazo, restraining and bruising her
  • the dock is burning around aaron. he takes flight and spits acid in a line, targeting the water weird and kynthia. both of them take the full force, the acid eating into them viciously.
  • kynthia casts cone of cold, targeting the group (and her water weird). it hits wazo especially hard. she misty steps further away
  • tegan darts after her, snapping and clawing, but she dodges and deflects the attacks with Shield
  • from her grappled state, Wazo uses inflict wounds, biting the creature and spreading necrotic damage through it. it drops dead to the lake bottom, and she flies towards tegan and kynthia.
  • aaron flies to kynthia's other side. he bites her, acid singing the wound. She falls lifeless.

Tegan drops out of polymorph. She has no pulse, but there is a dark ghostly energy come out of her chest, rising into the air. We hear, "you may have defeated this body, but we will be back." It rushes through the group and zooms into the distance.

Tegan searches k's body, finds the necklace that commands the iron guardian

the group remembers that thomnor is struggling for life, and rushes over to revive him he learns that k has escaped gives us a teleportation scroll, says it will dimension door us to liegard they regroup in the inn bring kynthia's body too ales all around

wazo and tegan have a moment at a nearby table. wazo encourages him, and he says he will have to grieve later. They hug.

ferd brings ales tegan finishes a subtle healing word the group takes a short rest. Wazo has Ferd make some blueberry pie. He is still kind of stunned by the wild things he saw during the fight, but he manages.

level 9!!

We realized after the fight that dragons aren't beasts. Something something Kynthia's connection to dragons made it work? Now we know.

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