027 - Fire and Water

troglen is skeptical that we have the halves aaron pulls them out of the bag, and t is enthralled. we catch him up on how we got the parts tegan does a prayer of healing body has

  • a flame greatsword, deals an extra 1d6 fire damage
  • 450 gold
  • a set of plate armor

in order to avoid whatever that was that killed the guards, Tegan turns himself and Aaron into giant badgers they make slow progress, but after a few hours of digging, they break through to room 8 troglen leads the way back to the black & soot anvil

discovers he will need aqualite ore to complete the forging process he knows a source. there was a royal compound, the only heartfruit orchard in liegard. it's believed that the ore is underneath the orchard.

the orchard is NE of the city troglen offers to put us up for the night he leads the group down the road to his home, a small house where he lives by himself. he puts together some cots and a simple dinner

Tegan has him remake the plate armor into a breasplate. he charges 150 of the gold and it will be ready along with the silverlight -- once we bring him that ore

wazo checks with aaron, asking how he wants his family dealt with aaron is okay with lethal force

troglen bemoans the twin threats of the ee and the dawns march tegan shares that the dm are a problem in Hillvon as well.

the group heads north out of the city towards Aaron's family farm on the way we see an intricate sign for "Koshkin Orchards". Below the sign are a couple half-orc dawn's march guards.

They say, "Turn around"

We don't. Instead, Aaron blasts with EB. Initiative!

  • Aaron slams each of them with eldritch blasts.
  • Wazo rages, flying up to them and calling out "enfuego!" her new greatsword blazes with flame. Both attacks miss.
  • Guard1 stabs Wazo twice with a spear, then misses her with a shield bash.
  • Guard2 misses with a spear, then bashes Wazo with his shield, knocking her down. His second spear attack hits true.
  • Tegan uses Hypnotic Pattern on the guards, nabbing one, then gets closer.
  • Aaron tries to EB guard1, but misses twice
  • Wazo stands up, then swings the flaming blade twice at guard1, missing.
  • Guard1 hits Wazo weakly, then misses
  • Tegan misses Guard1 with chill touch
  • Aaron uses Elemental bane (fire) on guard1.
  • Wazo recklessly attacks guard1. Her first attack is vicious, hurting him badly.
  • Guard1 smashes Wazo with his shield, but she keeps her feet. He attacks with his spear, hitting
  • Tegan steps up, stabbing guard1 with his dagger, then following up with SW
  • Aaron uses EB on guard1, hitting once.
  • Wazo slams guard1 with her greatsword, and the second stroke guts him like a pig.
  • Everyone readies an attack, and together they slam guard2 with attacks. Tegan hits with GFB and SW, Wazo hits with her greatsword, and Aaron hits with EB.
  • Guard2 stabs at Wazo, missing
  • Tegan goes in again with GFB and SW, both hitting.
  • Aaron tries Frostbite, but the guard shakes it off.
  • Wazo swings twice. The second swing bisects the guard from the head, leaving him dead.

Wazo heals herself a little, then a guard from further in the orchard comes up. Initiative!

  • Tegan stabs at him with GFB but misses
  • Wazo chops off his head with the burning greatsword.

The group decides to rest for a bit before heading to Aaron's family home. They find a thicker cluster of trees and take a breather.

After that, they head deeper. Aaron sees familiar sights, including the heartfruit vines. Childhood memories come to mind, like playing tag.

He sees an older gnome woman, who furtively gestures Aaron closer. As they approach, he can see that it's Olgata, a family servant. She is astonished to see him, and warns about the dm and the ee overrunning the orchard.

She explains that the guard changes at 3. (It's 2pm now) The old staff are enslaved, forced to harvest heartfruit, since apparently the ee uses it for magic

Tegan explains that the front gate should still be unguarded, since we killed our way in. She promises to inform the other servants that the gate is unguarded. She leaves with a blessing, and makes her way past a guard towards the house.

Aaron describes where the house is, then casts invisibility on the three of us. Wazo uses her sword to start a fire in the heartfruit, and as guards rush over, the group carefully makes their way to the dwellings. The guards don't notice them.

Close to the main building, there is a shield guardian.

Wazo flies towards the main building. As Aaron gets close to the guardian, it senses him and springs to life. An orc mage rushes out of the building nearby.


  • Tegan, still invisible, activates the necklace he took from Kynthia's body. It doesn't seem to affect the shield guardian.
  • The mage casts a spell, and the guardian is hasted.
  • Wazo rushes up to the mage, wollops him one good, then misses. The guardian absorbs some of the damage.
  • The mage casts Ice Storm. Tegan counterspells it, then the mage counterspells that. Tegan is visible, and Tegan and Wazo are hammered with ice.
  • Aaron EBs the mage (damage shared), then moves away from the guardian. It smacks him with a metal fist.
  • The guardian stomps over to Tegan, and slams him hard.
  • Tegan subtle polymorphs the mage into a rabbit
  • The guardian, confused by the unusual state of the amulet, only attacks once. He misses Tegan.
  • Aaron asks Tegan, "Do you wanna be a T-Rex?" "Yes!" and he casts Polymorph
  • The guardian punches at Tegan-Rex, hitting then missing. Tegan maintains concentration.
  • Aaron EBs the guardian, missing.
  • Tegan takes another big bite out of the guardian.
  • The guardian hits Tegan twice, but he keeps his concentration.
  • Wazo arrives at the blaze, and drops the mage from 90ft up. The fall damage and the fire kills him, and the shield guardian falls, inert.

(the group will be level 10)

Aaron leads the way into the wine cellar, and is able to open the door with his family key. Inside, perched on a pedestal is a blue-green crystal, pouring water which flows into channels on the floor.

Aaron tries to use Mage Hand to pick up the stone, but it doesn't move. With Eldritch Sight, he can see that not only the stone but the water is magical.

Wazo washes off the dirt and blood in the water. It infuses her with life and vitality, and she gains another level! Aaron bathes as well, and as Tegan drinks, Wazo pulls him in. Aaron and Tegan also gain an extra level.

Aaron, going back to inspecting the stone, realizes that it doesn't produce water while moving.

Everyone gains two levels! Players are level 11 now. Gained 300 gold, the aqualite ore, and the promise of a breastplate for Tegan

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