017 - Ambush

Plotting the Ambush

The group is in a castle courtyard, just outside the ongoing ball. They are making plans to get the egg from Aposto. Elgin mentions that many of the nobles are staying in the Mithril Chateau. Aaron checks with Flit and mentions that Aposto is still inside socializing. Elgin suggests a confrontation somewhere outside the castle.

He also explains that Que Xie Zee is a local store owner who runs a magic shop in town, The Golden Sheep in the gnollcrest region. The shop is eclectic with unusual odds and ends.

Wazo decides to scout the path from the castle to the Mithril Chateau. Aaron makes her invisible, and he sends Flit along to relay back what she finds. Flit perches on her shoulder, and they take to the sky.

Some of the partygoers spill out into the courtyard as the party begins to wane.

Wazo flies over the city, eventually passing above Castle road. The castle district's old wealth is apparent in the large, well-maintained but old houses. She sees impeccable courtyards, and statues made of rubore and granite. She sees the Mithril Chateau, a three story rubore building with a white stone roof. Outside are two small, ornate white and red dragon statues, flanking a large double door. As she flies, she keeps an eye open for good points to ambush from. The alley that looks best is about 200 ft from the entrance to the Chateau. She has Flit relay its location to the group.

While they wait for Aposto to leave, Aaron relaxes, taking a short rest. Tegan stays with him, watching the party slowly break up. Wazo and Flit wait on the rooftop, chatting.

Kraz Kimulty comes out of the party. He's wearing ornate chain mail, and carrying a greataxe stapped to his back. He's accompanied by a woman wearing a deep cloak. Tegan strains to hear but can't tell much besides "...walk you home."

Finally Tegan sees Aposto leave the party with two guards. He has a confident, relaxed gait and excellent posture.

The Fight

Tegan wakes Aaron, and they follow at a cautious distance. The lamps levitating beside the path are flickering, and some have run out of oil. As Aposto and his guards approach the ambush point, Aaron has Flit update Wazo with their situation.

Aposto and his guards round the corner. Initiative!

  • Wazo uses Thaumaturgy to throw her voice, attracting the attention of a guard.
  • Tegan uses subtle Hypnotic Pattern, dazing the other guard, but Aposto resists. He also dodges a subtle spiritual weapon.
  • Aaron drops hunger of Hadar on Aposto and his closest guard.
  • Wazo casts Toll the Dead on the guard in the alley, but he resists it.
  • Tegan slashes at a guard with spiritual weapon, then uses minor illusion to say, "Drop the egg to save your lives!"
  • Aaron uses eldritch blast at Aposto
  • One guard spots Tegan, and stabs him with his spear.
  • The other guard edges close to the edge of the black hemisphere of hunger, wanting to defend Aposto but too afraid to enter the darkness.
  • Aposto casts greater invisibility, and vanishes.
  • Wazo grapples the guard in the alley. Despite his struggles, she grabs him. She flies up and over and drops him 20 feet to the ground. He lands pretty well but is prone.
  • Tegan yanks out his dagger and uses Green Flame Blade. He stabs the guard in the skull, enveloping his head in green flames. He falls over dead. Tegan moves towards the hunger, and Aaron drops his concentration, revealing the remaining guard on the other side. Tegan moves the spiritual weapon with him.
  • The last guard runs up into an adjacent alley.
  • Wazo chases the guard, raging. She stabs down at him with her rapier, attacking twice and hitting him once.
  • Tegan holds his action, planning to use Chill Touch on Aposto if he sees him.
  • Aaron has Flit listening for Aposto.
  • The guard misses Wazo with his spear. She teases him.
  • Wazo grapples the guard, flying 60 ft straight up, and drops him. He lands hard, very badly hurt.
  • Tegan starts throwing dirt into the air, to see if he can spot Aposto.
  • Aaron has Flit scout for Aposto. Flit noticed something a turn or two ago and Aaron points out where it was for the others.
  • The guard climbs to his feet and runs away from Wazo.
  • Wazo flies down, then takes aim with her crossbow. She hits him, and he falls down dead.
  • Tegan sprints closer to the place Aposto may have been, moving the Spiritual Weapon closer too.

There is no sign of Aposto. Wazo sees that Tegan is hurt and puts her hand on him. Astonished, he feels healing energy flow from her. Then Wazo grabs one of the dead guards and stashes the body on a rooftop. The group hears partygoers screaming as they discover the other guard, dead in the street. They are unnerved by his burned head.


Aaron casts Invisibility on Tegan, and Wazo flies high up into the sky. Aaron changes his shape, becoming an average-height human woman, with brown hair and a plain complexion. They make their way back to the Dandelion Inn.

It's around midnight, maybe a little later. Hyek is still up. There is a gnome drinking at a table, and a drunk human at the bar chatting with Hyek.

Tegan finally asks Wazo what that was with the Toll the Dead and the healing. She says she made a deal with god, specifically with the Raven Queen.

Wazo is concerned about Tegan's emerging dark side, with the face stabbing and all. He says he is simplifying things; if someone is hurting people or helping someone hurt people, it's okay to stop them, even permanently. He thinks he won't be able to keep his promise to Sophinia if he clings to his old ways of thinking.

Changing the subject, Tegan asks Aaron if he has heard from his snake master. Aaron thinks the snake has been happy with the chaos, and hasn't contacted him.

Wazo asks Hyek where the mithril mine is . He explains that the mine is in gnollcrest green. From 569 to 589 it brought wealth and prosperity to the city, but since it was depleted things have gone downhill. The rubore stone is a mining byproduct, it surrounds the mithril veins. He mentions that mithril is a precious rare metal, used in weapons and for magic, extremely pricey. The mine is easy to find, it has a monument in gnollcrest green.

Tegan heads upstairs to his room. Wazo and Aaron head up too.

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