An old black and white raven Aarakocra (age, 29). She stands a little less than 5ft in height. Some of her feathers are forever ruffled from age, but her yellow eyes remain sharp. She wears durable, but worn, traveling clothes. She is heavily armed.


At first, a little wary and reserved...Wazo proves to be rather blunt and outspoken, even downright excitable in her interactions. She has very little patience with pedantics (yes, I just made up that word-Ash) and no patience at all when her pride is hurt, often enacting violent vengeance against her "foes". Drinking helps to calm her and rile her up. As the Aarakocra don't really perceive laws of possession, she can be somewhat grabby of things and, as with most birds, shiny things are most attractive to her.


Looking for info about a scrap of ancient Dwarvish text. It says something about a dragon and a weapon or item.


From the Corax clan.

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