018 - Omelette au Dragon

The party wakes up and heads to the bar to talk about their plan. Wazo thinks that they should persuade Kynthia that they're on their side. Tegan suggests checking the magic gold compass to direct their paths. Wazo's points West, Tegan's points North, and Aaron's points South. Tegan wants to be sure of what their short term aim is. He also brings up that Elgin has vouched for Kynthia, says that she has helped Penustad a lot. The party discusses for a bit and comes up with a plan to prevent the eggs underneath the city from being hatched. Aaron suggests that the party come up with some sort of alibi or cover. 1 is treasure hunting, cover 2 is we joined the EE after meeting a dryad

Wazo asks if the rings are magic? Tegan looks at one of them more closely. The rings have a slight magical glow, some kind of enchantment.

they decide to head to the mines they go through the cotton sprawl, past defunct factories, occasional shops. a tailor. as they get into gnollcrest they see restaurants and nicer businesses they get into gnollcrest green, which is like a central park. a rolling expanse of lawn covered in grass. there are trees like sycamore looming in places. there are art installations, sculptures etc. in the direct center, built on a rocky expanse, is a large obelisk 50 or 60 ft tall, topped with a five pointed star, shimmering in the sun. Probably the star has bits of mithril in it At the base is a plaque: "here marks the opening and closing of the mithril mine from 569 to 589 bringing prosperity and light to penustad" next to that is the same five pointed star, a symbol of penustad

Tegan notices that the mine seems closed. This was once the entrance but it has been collapsed, closed, blocked or concealed. Aaron notices that the star on the plaque has illusion magic. He looks at it more closely, and notices that the iron plaque is worn away in the center, and there is a faint emerald green tinge. Tegan touches the edge of the ring to the star, and the edge illuminates with emerald light "when life fades and darkness rises" appears in dwarvish

the plaque slides aside to reveal a winding staircase descending into the earth

the air goes from cool and dry to warm and humid we get deeper, several stories down

stairs end in a narrow stone paved hallway 5 or 6 ft wide hallway

wazo checks for traps before walking ahead she notices a raised paver, which we all carefully step around

"see what I told you? the eggs seem to be feeding off the residue" perfect, transport the dragon wyrmlings to the temple for further development master will be pleased reign as soon as they are by her side end of the cancerous societies that rage against us

the eggs seem to be hatching

there is a quick huddle after we hear this

kynthia spots us gives an evil mom speech trying to dispose of me

uses dimension door and exits the scene

we hear a growl from a side of the room a green guard drake is snarling, saliva dripping from its mouth Vasilios draws his sword, and says something in draconic


tegan: bless, spiritual weapon. hits the drake solidly vasilios: crossbow @ tegan, he reacts with Shield drake: bites & tail attacks Tegan. Shield deflects wazo: rages, slashing at the drake. Black blood oozes out, then it dodges her second swing. aaron: blasts the drake with both rays of eldritch energy, but misses tegan: huge hit from spiritual weapon, then he stabs the drake with the dagger vasilios: fire breath on tegan, real bad hit drake: bites at Wazo, hits but misses with tail hit wazo: stabs the drake twice aaron: hunger of hadar on the drake and on vasilios tegan: dodge, and flail in the darkness with spiritual weapon, missing the drake vasilios: from the darkness a bolt fires wide of Tegan. He says a command in draconic, probably to the drake, then gets out of the darkness. drake: emerges from the darkness in front of Tegan. he bites and swipes at Tegan but misses wazo: stabs the drake twice. On the second hit, she stabs into the roof of its open mouth, and the tip of the rapier emerges bloody from the top of its head. She yanks the blade clear and jumps into the air, flying over to Vasilios. She swipes at him but misses. aaron: hits v with one bolt of eb

one of the eggs begins to crack open

tegan: moves away. sw misses vasilios. toll the dead hits him vasilios: flame breath at Aaron. fails the save, huge damage. he runs towards the eggs to protect them from Tegan. wazo has an attack of opportunity, slashes him with her rapier wazo: chases vasilios, hits him savagely three times, his blood spraying everywhere. he has a look of fear aaron: hunger of hadar centered on the eggs. he sees the writhing, milky tentacles crush the eggs one at a time. Vasilios is horrified tegan: spiritual weapon at Vasilios, miss, toll the dead misses vasilios: runs closer to the eggs. wazo swipes at him, missing. he fires his crossbow at Tegan, who deflects it with Shield wazo: misses twice then gets one more hit in. v is nearly dead aaron: nails him with an eldritch blast, punching through him with magical force

the fight over, aaron drops his concentration on Hunger. they see the body of one of the wyrmlings floating in the goo. aaron tries to fish it out with mage hand but the bones and flesh fall apart

Tegan uses Prayer of Healing, and as it finishes they hear growls as a pack of gnolls bursts into the room


tegan: hypnotic pattern the whole group. 3 charmed, 2 mooks save aaron: double EB on the nearest un-charmed gnoll gnolls: one tries to javelin at aaron, but he reacts with entropic ward so it's a miss. one of them uses an action waking up one of the dazed ones, then runs up to Tegan. The one that woke up follows him and tries to bite Tegan, missing. wazo flies over to the group and attacks the leader, ending his charm tegan: miss with sw, green flame blade hits the gnoll in front of him and his buddy aaron: dual hit with eb and kills a gnoll gnolls: one of the golls stabs at tegan, who wards it with Shield. leader has incite rampage, uses it to shake the last dazed gnoll from its stupor. Then he chops twice at Wazo with his glaive, missing and then hitting. wazo: stabs leader tegan: spiritual weapon kills one of the gnolls with him, then Toll the Dead hits the remaining one. aaron: eb at the leader, solid hits gnolls: a gnoll stabs wazo, then, inspired by the leader, stabs again, hitting both times. The leader swings at Wazo twice, hitting both times, hitting hard.

four more gnolls appear in the entrance of the cavern

wazo: crits the leader, hurting him badly, then hitting him again in the same place. He is quite hurt. She flies up 20 feet, most of the way towards the ceiling. The leader swipes at her as she rises but misses tegan: sw kills the other gnoll, then twin Toll the Dead on the gnolls wazo has been fighting. One of them fails the save and is hurt aaron: dual eb kills the leader, knocking him into the wall gnoll: dashes towards aaron and tegan wazo: shoots at that gnoll with her crossbow. hits it as it runs gnolls: two of them run towards Tegan. two of them shoot at Wazo, and one hits her. tegan: miss with gfb, hit with sw aaron: eb, both beams hit the gnoll in front of him, killing it wazo: takes the leader's glaive and strides up to the two gnolls that shot at her. She swings at them in a frenzy, but doesn't connect gnolls: two of them attack tegan, who reacts with shield. One of them gets through. tegan: hits one gnoll with sw, then kills both with a green flame blade hit. they fall burned to the ground and tegan walks over them towards wazo. aaron: hits one of the last two gnolls with an eb, keeping his distance wazo: three attacks with the leader's glaive: one miss and two hits are enough to take out one of the gnolls the last gnoll: stabs wazo tegan: chill touch at the last gnoll aaron: the last gnoll rocks with a double eb wazo: stabs the glaive into the gnolls heart like a dagger, killing it

after the fight everyone listens, but it's quiet underground aaron checks around the room, but doesn't see any other exits tegan investigates the pit, but in the darkness the fluid in there is too opaque. it smells of sulphur and is very viscous. Aaron brings over his driftglobe. Tegan tries to get some of the goo in his waterskin, but his fingers burn where they touch the flood Wazo uses Cure Wounds

Tegan does a thorough circuit around the room, but doesn't see anything noteworthy or out of place. opposite the entrance it looks like the mine used to continue deeper, but has been sealed. Wazo goes over all the bodies including Vasilios. on the gnolls she finds nothing. She has Tegan go over Vas longsword light crossbow shortsword emerald ring pouch w/ 150 gp, 22sp, 6cp

the group goes back out the way they came people are crowded around the obelisk "the gnolls didn't attack anything, the just ran right in" we just saved the city we didn't see you go in we weren't sneaking (deception)

wazo is very exhausted, goes right to bed aaron relaxes in his room for a while, and tegan takes some time communing with his new patron by focusing on his dagger.

The party is now level 7!

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