The Emerald Enlightenment

A once-defunct cult that worships a green, dragon called Vygho, Lord of the Mountains. They believe she will take over Evermyre. Around year 500, the authorities of Hillvon, the Duke's ancestors, killed or exiled them. They are seemingly active again, and through the Dawn's March they are connected with many of the dreadful and mysterious things the party has encountered so far, including Sophinia's abduction.

(#11) According to the Dawn's March ledger, this cult commissioned the mercenaries to:

  • pillage the windmill (presumably the one in Twipeaks?)
  • kidnap a sculptor and take her to Mor'deni
  • take over the heart's blossom orchard and estate in Liegard

(#16) According to a scrap in one of the books in Penustad's Infinity Library, "The Emerald Enlightenment was founded in Mor'deni."

Category: Organizations